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The process of purchasing energy in a deregulated market is both complex and time consuming. In New Jersey, the market is unique as to structure, financing options, contract terms and conditions, suppliers, installers and brokers. We understand that many organizations do not possess the resources or expertise necessary to successfully undertake comprehensive energy tender and are looking for an independent third party consultant to guide them through the process.

iMedia Solar Consulting offers a service to outsource the energy procurement process. We are focused on large solar PV systems (500KW+), where we saved for our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by following our energy procurement process, which is outlined below.

Energy Procurement Process

Procurement Process

Tender Production

iMedia Solar will construct a set of tender documents reflecting the most appropriate load profile for the past year for submission to energy suppliers. The tender takes into account new sites and adjustments to existing sites to allow for planned changes in usage. Where electronic metered data is available this information will be included in the tender documentation in order to create the most accurate profile available for suppliers so as to secure the most competitive price.

Our tender would be structured to request prices for supply contracts with various terms and, upon request, for the full or partial provision of green energy.

Tender Submission

At the appropriate time, taking into consideration the renewal date(s) of existing supply contracts and current pricing trends/forecasts, we submit the tender documents to suppliers. As part of the submission, we will explicitly indicate the following:

  • Contract length
  • Tender response date
  • Payment terms
  • Minimum requirements
  • Credit requirements

Offer Evaluation

All offers submitted by suppliers are checked for compliance with the terms of the tender and recorded in iMedia Solar’s system. Once all offers have been submitted (or the time for bidding has elapsed), each offer is evaluated utilizing the profile included in the tender documents and subsequently ranked based upon the aggregate cost basis. Our computerized evaluation systems enable us to efficiently analyze any re-quotes or pricing adjustments submitted by suppliers. In the case of multiple supply points, the system will determine the optimum combination of supplier offers and the premium (if any) for electing a single supplier.

iMedia Solar will produce an offer evaluation report which will allow for the comparison of each offer by category (12 month, 24 month,etc..). Furthermore, the report will benchmark all offers against current supply contracts or tariff, where available.

Contract Award

Our staff will liaise with your staff throughout the evaluation process. Our offer evaluation report will include our recommendations. Once our recommendations have been reviewed and we have received final approval, contract(s) will be awarded to the appropriate supplier(s).

Registration & Compliance

Once contracts have been awarded iMedia Solar Consulting will manage the process of registering each of your sites with the new supplier(s). In addition, we will review all invoices to ensure compliance with the agreed upon contract terms and conditions.

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